Sep 24, 2011

The Fortis Lisa Ray 'Spirit of Life' Award

Lisa Ray at the Fortis Lisa Ray Spirit of Life Awards
In an event organized by Fortis Cancer Institute (FCI), International star and cancer conqueror Lisa Ray honoured Dr. Mary Francis with the “Fortis Spirit of Life Award” for her courageous battle against breast cancer.

Commenting on the initiative Ms. Lisa Ray said, “We wish to celebrate the spirit of life that exists within each of the cancer conquerors through this award. Overcoming cancer is not about healing the body; it’s about healing the mind. As a patient, I had to go through fear and isolation, it is human. I have learnt that conquering cancer is all about attitude. I was blessed to find immense support because I sought it. When you need help, ask for it! Being a cancer survivor I can say that this initiative will bring to the forefront many cancer advocates who are great inspirers” added Ms. Ray.

Lisa Ray and Dr. Mary Francis at the Fortis Lisa Ray Spirit of Life Awards

Dr. Mary Francis, who owns a clinical research company, is a born fighter. She bravely fought against the disease. While she was undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, she continued doing her routine activities both at home and at work. She even dared to travel to France during her battling phase. Receiving the honour from Ms. Lisa Ray, Dr. Mary Francis who fought her battle against cancer said, “I faced cancer with confidence without letting the disease affect my zest for life. God has given me a new life and I would like to use it positively by spreading awareness about cancer and to urge people to face with the right spirit. If you have the will and determination, you can face this dreaded disease and come out victoriously”.
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