May 28, 2012

Lisa Ray one of Hello Canada's '50 Most Beautiful Canadians' list



AT HER BEST: Model, actress and TV personality Lisa has gone through many incarnations, but the green-eyed beauty of Polish and Indian descent is just hitting her stride. 'I feel that I've really landed in myself. I know myself better.'

IT TAKES TWO: The Top Chef Canada host is newly engaged to banking executive Jason Dehni. 'There's this kind of indefinable feeling I haven't had before. There' s sense of great joy and excitement, but also peace.'

ROLE MODEL: She's been in remission from cancer since 2010. 'It makes you realize what is constant in your life and what is optional.'

MAMMA MIA: 'My beauty icons have been Italian actresses like Sophia Loren. She conveyed a great balance of elegance and sexiness and confidence.

GROWING PAINS: 'I've always been a dork. The only thing now is that I embrace it.'


(source: Hello Canada magazine)

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