Aug 1, 2012

Support Lisa as she walks on October 14th for MM5K

Click here to support Lisa in her walk for a cure for MM

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in the summer of 2009 I knew my life would change forever.

Nobody told me but I knew: my worst days were ahead- and my best days.

You can’t control life. You can’t control a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma.
But you can control your reactions.

Today, post a stem cell transplant and treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital I am back to work and travel, I'm getting married to my soulmate on October 21st and setting into motion projects and plans.

I am living.
But here’s the thing. Multiple Myeloma is incurable.
And often fatal.

The last time I walked for the MM5K in October 2009, I was in the middle of my treatment, bald, pleasantly plump on steroids and chronicling my experiences in a blog called ‘The Yellow Diaries’. But because we were launching the Molly and David Bloom Chair in Multiple Myeloma Research at PMH I pulled on a toque and walked with hope.

This year I will walk with a dream. I will walk with my husband-to-be Jason by my side. I will walk with a healthy, shiny crop of post-chemo hair. I will clear my head of Wedding plans and walk with purpose.

Woohoo. Goosebumps.

Please help. Your support and donation can keep me and many others alive. I’m just starting my Second Chapter. By supporting this walk, the team at PMH can work to offer stabilising drugs for myself and others until the cure is found.

A cure for Multiple Myeloma.

I CAN'T THINK OF A BETTER WEDDING GIFT- CAN YOU? (insert cheeky smiley face)

Thank you. So grateful for your support.
I'm also walking in memory of my friend Warner Neumann who lost his fight with MM.





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