Fighter to the Core

Accidental actress, social activist and a cancer survivor. Words seldom used in a single sentence to describe a person. Lisa Ray, however, is all this and much more. In the city for a promotional event, the 40-year-old Lisa disarms you with her personality. “Oh! I remember you. We met last year in the city for my show OMG,” she exclaims, describing Hyderabad as “the capital of good manners in India” in her Twitter updates.

Turning the big 4-0 this year, Lisa Ray says, “Perhaps it’s because of my past experiences or just that I am a late bloomer, I feel my best inning has just started.” Talking about her impending marriage to banker fiancé Jason Dehni, Lisa says, “I wish I could invite my Hyderabadi friends for the wedding. It’ll be in California in October this year. But keeping in mind the location and the busy schedule of my friends, it might be difficult. But we are planning to host a reception in early 2013 in India,” she says.

About her wedding dress that will be designed by Wendell Rodricks, she says. “Wendell is a dear friend and I love his approach for my dress.

He asked me, ‘what is the one emotion that you feel right now the most? Is it happy, sexy or anything else’? And I said sexy-romantic and that’s what my dress is going to portray,” she says.

The surprise guest at her wedding is going to be her birthday-cum-late engagement present Coco, a Persian cat. “Coco is in Boston right now with her dad (Jason), as he’s spending the American holiday with his family,” she says. Her first cat in recent years, Lisa can’t stop talking about Coco. “Jason hates cats but I am impressed that for me he managed to get over his cat phobia. And if she behaves, Coco will be there at our wedding,” she says, adding, “Eight years back, when I was living in Mumbai, I had to give away my cats due to my constant travel plans.

So having Coco in my life is also a symbol of how I am settling down.” Apart from working on her memoir, developing projects in India and Canada and writing her own script, Lisa is also the current host of Top Chef Canada. “I am the host and one of the judges on the show. The best thing about the show is how I get to work with some of the finest chefs in the world and even get an opportunity to represent Indian cuisine,” says Lisa.

Though not a “fantastic chef”, Lisa admits to having tremendous knowledge about food based on her experiences from around the world and also from the influence of her parents. But with good food comes the task of remaining fit. “With my wedding fast approaching and next season of Top Chef left to shoot, I am going to have a difficult time staying in shape,” she laughs.

Lisa Ray was also named in Hello Canada’s “50 Most Beautiful Stars” list in the May 2012 issue. “Even though I have been on the list before, this time it was very encouraging with cancer in my past,” she says.

Talking about her association with Rado, Lisa says, “I have been working with this brand for the past 10 years and it’s like a second marriage to me,” she laughs, adding, “It’s my privilege to be inaugurating their new store. The brand stands for ‘quality material that lasts’, something that I feel describes even me.”

You Heard It Here First: Benefits Of A Minimizer Bra

Finding the right bras is always the most critical concern and challenge for any woman. In case you have a large breast, this task seems to be even more challenging. Then how to have the right Minimizer Bras for Large Breasts? Here is all information for you to have the right choice.

What Is Minimizer Bras?

Minimizer Bras make you have a smooth outfit

As the name itself, a minimizer bra is to minimize users’ bust. This bra will make your breasts have a smaller look; meanwhile, you can still be flattering and keep your body’s shape.

One of the unique features of this bra is its padding layer. Unlike a normal bra with padding at the bottom of the cup only, the minimizer has this comfortable layer all over the bra. The padding design will secure and support women who have large busts in everyday movement.

What is special about this padding is that it does not make the breasts part bigger like the standard paddle. So for a minimizer bra, you can have the best of both worlds with active movement and a comfortable feeling at the same time.

How Minimizer Bras For Large Breasts Will Help?

Minimizer bras is helpful for wearing the button shirts

Best suitable with looser clothing, minimizer bras will not only hold the breast close to the chest but also lessen your bust projection. One of the most suffering issues for any woman with large busts is the push of the breasts out of the clothing, making you seem bigger and lumpy than you usually do.

Minimizer bras can eliminate this problem and keep your body in shape by smoothies the bust out; from there, you are free to wear any loose outfit without having a shapeless or fat look.

Other than loose tops, you can also wear minimizer bras with tighter clothing. In this case, the bras help you redistribute the breasts’ tissue, making them more balanced and smoothie. In case you get annoyed by wearing a tight dress or top as it makes the area around your bra look unflattering or lumpy, then minimizer bras can be a great choice.

Minimizer bras, front closure wireless bra and bra that pulls breasts together are normally popular for busty ladies to minimize their chest. These bras also help your chest appear more natural and streamlined under clothing. However, women with a normal bust can also benefit from this bra if you want to have a streamlined outfit without making your breasts look any smaller.

How To Have A Good Minimizer Bras For Large Breasts?

When choosing a minimizer bra, you probably depend on your standard size for your bra. Picking steps for a minimizer bra indeed is quite the same as picking your traditional one.

But you will probably need a slight adjustment in the size of the minimizer bra. It is best to try the bra on before buying one. Otherwise, you might potentially go with the wrong bra, which is not too tight for you.

You should note that the minimizer bra’s purpose is to bring you a smooth look and keep your feel fairly tight and comfortable fit with its band. This band should never dig too deep into the skin, which ruins these bras’ streamlining effect. A perfect band must bring you the secure and snug feeling but still comfortably tight for your body.

Next up, find a bra that has its cup extremely fit you. Indeed, the large cups of this bra will extend your shape and give you a thick look. An excellent fit cup is the one that compresses slightly, making no gaps with the breasts, and snugly reaches the skin.

Going to the shop and picking up a bra for you, you should bring both loose and tight clothing with you to try on. With this, you can be sure if you have a good look with that bra and determine if it is fit for you.

What Should You Note When Choosing Minimizer Bras?

One of the most important things you should note is always chosen from the quality brand. A poorly quality minimizer bra might compress too much on the tissue or spillage unevenly, which might never be good to wear.

Next, you should make sure to choose the right size. Some think they have to pick up the minimizer bras smaller than the standard bra to make sure they are an effective fit.

However, that is not the truth and can harm your health. Too much pressure on the bras might lead to pain in your back, soreness to your breast, circulation problems, and many other health issues.

Hence, to have the best fit and right look bra, you should measure your side and choose the right size with you.

Who Should And Should Not Wear Minimizer Bras?

Minimizer bras are the most suitable for women with a fuller bust and hope to have a smoother appearance. If you find the button shirts leave quite a big gap or some clothes that easily get horizontal, a minimizer bras must be a fantastic option.

Unfortunately, this bra is not for some women who already have wide breasts as a minimizer. In this case, exaggerate your width.

Besides, this bra is not for anyone who has a narrow shoulder. The reason is that bra might lead to a disproportionately wide range to your breasts, which is not the targeting effect of this bra. If you are not sure about whether you are suitable for you, you should try one and check if this bra can help you.


That is all you need to know about best minimizer bras for large bust. You might now have your own decision if this bra is for you or not. But it is surely the best if you can go to shop right now and find the one that is fit to your size and body shape. Hope you have the most relaxing time wearing Minimizer Bras. Cheer!

Lisa Ray gets engaged

When and how did you meet your fiance Jason Dehni? When did you know he was the one?

Jason is a banking executive, philanthropist and sits on the board of many prestigious arts organisations in Toronto. He co-founded a charity called Artbound in association with the NGO Free the Children, which raises money to build schools and sustainable villages as well as arts facilities in regions, which are in need.

My friend, Canadian media personality Seamus O’ Regan, is the honorary chair of Artbound. After interviewing me one day for Canada AM, he suggested I get involved. Seamus, however, neglected to mention the co-founder was handsome, brilliant and full of integrity.

What are you and Jason looking forward to in the future?

I wrote in my blog: ‘Love is an action and we practise that every day’. He truly makes me a better person and inspires me. We will announce our wedding date shortly.

Right now, we’re reveling in our engagement and celebrating with friends. I miss my friends in India a lot. Hopefully, we will settle on a location for the wedding where all our friends from around the world can gather together.

How did your family react to your relationship?

My father adores Jason. Both our families got together this Christmas to celebrate as one. Jason’s family loves my dad. He has strong family values and that’s super important to me as well.

Your heart belongs to Jason, but your soul is in India. Do you hope to bring him here soon?

Believe it or not, Jason and I had planned a trip to India a few days after we met. He was with me during my promotions for a product. He saw five cities in India in two weeks and when he ventured with me to eat paranthas in Paranthewale Gully in Chandi Chowk, I realised he really is the one. He’s comfortable in all situations, loves India and is even open to spending more time in the country, given the right opportunity. Hopefully, we will make an extended trip together this year, though he is very busy with work at the moment.

Tell me about your career plans? Any films in the pipeline?

I am very excited to be the new host of Top Chef Canada, which is one of the highly rated and anticipated shows in Canada. Padma Laxmi hosts the American version. It was a new experience. Plus, I get to bring my own glamorous Indian-inspired flavour to mainstream audiences here. It releases on March 12. I am working on my book, looking at scripts and projects and developing some material I feel passionately about. I’m also working on my own beauty line. My philanthropic work is also a key element of life. I have lots to celebrate.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Golf

Golfers are now supported by various items such as golf clubs, bags, and best golf push cart with cooler to move to the areas they want. However, this is still a game that requires a lot of movement from you, thereby bringing many health benefits.

Today’s article will help you get a better understanding of the excellent health benefits of golf.

Physical Improvement

Physical improvement

Like other sports, Golf is an effective form of exercise to help players improve their fitness. When joining the game, you need to do full-body movements, which both relax the mind and avoid hurting yourself.

Moderate exercises such as jogging or swinging also have a stimulating effect, increase heart rate and circulatory flow. Thanks to that, blood vessels are circulated, and body balance is also improved.

A golf session is equivalent to more than 10 days of continuous exercise. Therefore, people always feel better when participating in this game.

Golf Brings You To An Expansive Natural Space

Playing golf means spending a lot of time outdoors. And any outdoor activity benefits health in many different ways.

The fresh air will help you relax and be much more comfortable. When everything is regulated, our health will also significantly improve from digestion to blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, outdoor exercise also contributes to a reduced risk of several chronic diseases. Your immune system will work better when you are exposed to an open-air.

Sunlight is required to provide vitamin D, support development, and improve joint health. But remember to wear sunscreen to avoid UV rays’ adverse effects because the skin cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Currently, many golf courses are located in beautiful, exciting, and attractive places. You will experience the feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Keep Fit And Support Weight Loss

To stay healthy, an adult needs at least 150 minutes of practice per week, and an 18-hole round of golf has kept you training for up to 240 minutes. Golf is not a sport that consumes too much energy. But in a normal golf round, the player will walk an average of 11,245 – 16,667 steps, which is equivalent to 6 -12 km. About 1,564 calories are burned.

However, this number will decrease with a caddy’s help and will be utterly useless if you do not walk naturally but walk with a buggy while playing golf. In short, constant walking is an effective weight loss measure.

Improve Sleep

Golfing is a great way to get a good night’s sleep as you will get regular exercise while being exposed to natural light and fresh air. From there, your body will be in the best state for a new effective day.

Reduce Stress

Everyone knows that the atmosphere and daily activities greatly affect one’s mood. For many people, golf is a great way to reduce stress.

Exercise causes our bodies to release endorphins – a happy hormone that helps relieve pain and relieve stress.

Moreover, being in nature also makes us feel happier and more comfortable. And a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, of course!

Improve Concentration And Brain Health

Improve concentration and brain health

Golfing requires a certain amount of concentration and memory that encourages a participant’s creativity and imagination. Because a comprehensive vision and good imagination help you visualize how far and where the ball will go. It is like a brain exercise. Participating in this kind of sports regularly can help maintain and improve cognition.

Also, hand-eye coordination is essential in this game, helping to align the position of the ball. That smooth and flexible combination will stimulate the ability of the brain to function. Your memory will also improve significantly with repetitive activities such as swinging, walking, or posture alignment.

Golf Is Good For The Heart

As mentioned, playing golf improves blood circulation, thereby increasing cardiovascular activity. So your heart rate rises most naturally when participating in sports.

As a result, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Specifically, playing golf can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) – one of the leading causes of heart disease.

There Is No Possibility Of Serious Injury

Physical activity also carries a risk of injury, but golf is a low-risk sport. As a moderately active form of exercise, golf rarely causes serious injuries.

The most common condition in players is elbow pain due to overactive muscle and tendon. Usually, with a little rest, you can be better.

Meet People

Golf is also an important social factor. It could be a sport that gives you more time to spend with loved ones or important work partners. As a result, you can improve a variety of skills such as communication skills, events. rings and emotional management.

You will have more than one regular meeting and chat with friends, which helps maintain not only existing relationships but also a way to communicate and make new acquaintances. And some entrepreneurs view the golf course as a place to discuss business ideas because it brings a positive feeling to their discussions.

Live Longer And Happier

One final benefit of golf that we want to mention is its fantastic ability to increase longevity and improve life quality. Numerous studies have been done and show that in the same living conditions, age and income, golfers have a higher average life expectancy than non-golfers. It means golfers’ lifespan will be extended by 5 years.

Science also advises us to spend more time enjoying life. Happiness relieves stress and strengthens relationships, and keeps you young for longer.


Golf is truly a great sport. This sport seems to be a priceless gift of health for each of us. With these outstanding benefits above, why do you stop yourself from golfing?

Participate in this kind of sports regularly to maintain a healthy mind now!

How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner?

In the world of store-bought clothes taking dominance, sewing skills seem to be underestimated. But imagine that you can mend your clothes, or you can sew outfits for your loved ones. Well, that is such an amazing and meaningful thing to think about.

But before you can do such professional things, you probably need to know what is the sewing machine for beginners and go through tutorial lessons on building sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginner. Admittedly, there will be some mistakes on the journey.

But no worries yet, as here we are with all the things you need to know about how to begin learning sewing.

How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner

Defining Your Final Goal

The very first step in developing sewing skills is setting a specific goal. Whatever we do in our lives, we all need a goal to shape the path we have to go through. Learning how to sew is not an exception.

In sewing, there are several goals to achieve. Some people need to learn how to make clothes for their family members. Others want to learn sewing to complete DIY projects around the house. Some may want to create tailored clothes for the perfect fit with body shape. Etc.

Once you understand how far you want your sewing skills to develop, a plan must be there to make sure you reach the goal. As each sewing project entails specific mastery in different techniques, the ability to handle different materials, and an understanding of specific tools, you should not start the journey with a sophisticated project.

Instead, defining a specific and simple project you want to accomplish and looking at which skills you need to learn is necessary in the first sewing phase.

Choose Your First Project To Kickstart

Once you define where the final destination is, choose a project wisely to guild you there. At the beginner level, a simple project consisting of easy cuts and straight lines may be the best for an absolute beginner.

For instance, kickstarting a project by sewing a pillowcase or cushion cover is ideal for any beginner as this small project has a lot of simple techniques that you can learn.

Sewing Cushion Cover Is Ideal For Beginner

The latter projects you choose should bring about more new methods to your skill set than the previous ones. In other words, you need to move to projects that require more skills over time. For example, after mastering all simple techniques, you can jump right into the higher level, such as sewing a collar, sewing pleats, adding buttons and zippers, etc.

With that in mind, your ability is built up gradually. Moreover, you can involve yourself in making the same items several times to achieve mastery in each method.

Prepare Must-have Sewing Tools

If you are at the entry-level of sewing, the following items are vital. Let’s take a look.

First of all, one thing you can not miss is a fabric scissor for cutting fabric only because when you use the scissor with other materials, such as paper and leather, it will become dull quickly.

Furthermore, you also need measuring tape to take accurate measurements. Other tools include steam iron, ironing board, needles, threads, pins, pin cushion, fabric pen, or chalk.

A Sewing Kit

Mistakes Are OK

When you learn anything, mistakes are always there. Instead of blaming yourself for the mistakes you made, take a deep breath, and accept them as a part of the learning process.

In case you want to check if you are on the right track, you can turn to the following sources. They are youtube videos, websites, blogs, experienced individuals, online meetings, clubs, workshops, etc.

Depending on your budget and your leisure time, you can flexibly choose what methods are the best fit for you.

Bear in mind that mistakes are inevitable, so learn from the mistakes and avoid making them twice. Moreover, you should find novel techniques that can work more efficiently when it comes to sewing skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that we have to spend hours of practice to reach a mastery level when learning new things and skills. Sewing, just like other hobbies, can develop gradually through regular practices.

Our advice is that you can include several items in one project. Firstly, you need to prepare pieces for all the items. Then, start with the first item until it finishes. Take a short break, then continue with other items in the project. Each project should include no more than ten items to avoid boredom from coming inside of you.

Then, you can give away all the items you made when they are beautiful. And do not forget to collect feedback from them to better yourself. You might also reclaim some giveaways to mend if you wish.

Be Fun

Remember that sewing is a hobby. And a hobby must be fun and entertaining.

So, you have to make sure that you are attracted to and focused on your end goal. Admittedly, when it comes to the first new sewing project, every beginner deals with discouragement and temptation.

To get through boredom, you can drag some of your friends into your new hobby or befriend new people who are fond of sewing. Besides, you can discuss projects with your friends to raise everyone’s spirits. To make everyone connected, a group on Facebook or any platform is necessary. I am sure that you can learn a lot from them.

And do not leave the Internet there as you can look up online for several ideas and inspiration. Some amazing tools to search for ideas are Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Be Fun When Sewing

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has provided you with informative advice on how to build sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginner.

Bear in mind that sewing is not a difficult or innate skill; just be prepared, be ready, and be consistent, then you surely reach your goal.

Thanks for reading!

Hillberg & Berk’s “Carpe Noctum” launch – In support of Lisa Ray & Myeloma Canada

You are invited to take advantage of ticket pre-sales for Hillberg & Berk’s most exclusive jewellery fashion event of the year. Join us Thursday August 11, 2011 to launch the H&B Autumn/Winter 2011 line: “Carpe Noctem”; Seize the Night.

The “Carpe Noctem” show is in support of Lisa Ray, the 2011 H&B spokesmodel, and her charitable efforts based on her own recent battle with multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer. Post stem cell transplant in February of 2010, Lisa Ray is now cancer-free, and has used her experience with multiple myeloma to raise awareness and document her journey through illness. Lisa Ray is the epitome of the strong H&B woman.

Please see the attached e-vite for event details and your invitation to purchase tickets before public sales open July 15, 2011. Seating is extremely limited so do not wait to purchase your ticket. We look forward to seeing you at this exclusive and highly anticipated event.

Lisa Ray in the fight of her life!

“I’m an accidental actress, model, nomad and covert activist.”

The only child of a Polish mother and Bengali Indian father, Lisa was raised in Etobicoke, Ontario. She was named one of the top-10 most beautiful Indian women of the millennium.

You may recognize her from the Indian/Canadian film Bollywood/Hollywood, or as the acclaimed lead in the 2005 Oscar-nominated film Water. In 2009, Lisa was diagnosed with the rare blood disease multiple myeloma, just a few months after the passing of her mom. In 2010 she celebrated her cancer-free diagnosis following a stem cell transplant.

What’s next for Lisa?

I feel the purpose of life is to be happy. It sounds simple, but it doesn’t always happen. I have dark moments and difficult days like anyone. It’s at those times I concentrate on ‘the light.’ I’d like to have a little downtime now at my refuge in Nelson, BC, and spend time writing. I love nurturing my relationships. In the past this suffered because of my work and travel schedule, but I’ve reprioritized. I’m grateful to be given this second chance at life so I’m going to make the most of it, in the way that it makes sense to me.

Your new projects after this two year sabbatical?

I just returned from filming in India; a role that is completely different for me, a lot of work but a lot of fun. I love doing diverse projects that deliver a deep message; stories considered left of centre or of empowerment, that’s why I accepted the role in Water. It’s a natural extension of my belief system. This makes sense of the movie business for me. I don’t have anything against blockbusters, I enjoy them but I don’t see myself being a part of them.

Other than working on my memoirs I’m appearing in the play Taj with the Bollywood star Kebir Bedi, at Luminato. I have a role in a Canadian short film slated for release at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. And, an unscripted, six-part documentary-style series shot in India for TLC will air later this year. And of course, my first entrepreneurial venture – Moksha Yoga Brampton opened at the end of May.

What are some of Lisa’s indulgences?

I’m a big time ‘foodie,’ always searching for the latest, kooky food trends. Yoga is really important to me. Beyond that, I love to kick back and enjoy myself with friends. Lots of massages. And since I am in between relationships, I’d like to sort out my personal life. Put the word out. (We have another big laugh)

How has your view of you changed?

I’ve become gentler with myself. I was pretty self-critical, that attitude has softened. Now I have a way of contributing. I’ve been involved with other charities before, but now, I am in the fight for my life.

If you could change something in your script, what would it be?

I can’t. I’m the culmination of all the experiences, this is who I am. I just turned 39 and I don’t have any regrets, what’s done is done, there was a reason at the time and now I’m moving forward. I definitely have a different feeling about my birthday now. Not, “Oh, I’m a year older,” but, “I’m HERE! Another year lived.” It’s awesome!

And look at all that you’ve accomplished in the past two years: diagnosed in June 2009; harvesting your stem cells; chemo to kill the bad cells and then the transfusion of your stem cells in January 2010. Now you’re cancer-free. You’ve been an advocate for your life, getting the best treatment, you’re a cancer graduate and a spokesperson for everyone touched by any high risk disease.

I didn’t look at it in that way. That is good. I should sit back to introspect on that. All I know is this is what I can do, how I can contribute. There’s such a sense of gratitude for the term cancer graduate, it got me through the darn program. I want my degree now! As much as I’d love to personally thank each person who supported or gave me positive energy along the way, it’s not realistic. What I can do is to pay it forward and pay back from my platform as a celebrity. I’m blessed that I’m able to use it to educate and inspire people.

You’ve said, “Love is an action.” Is this what you’re doing?

I think so. I’ve had romantic notions of love, as we all do. Love is actually a force, an energy that must be put into action. I don’t believe you need to say it all the time, it is more important to show it by putting the energy in motion and it will expand to others.

Consciously navigating the world is challenging. What would your bumper sticker read?

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths but a great fear of shallow living.” Anaïs Nin said that. Another part of it would be “Honk if you like what you see!” (Another hearty chuckle)

Your five highest values?

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Honesty. Service. Honesty with self and others. Service as a spokesperson and in my yoga practice.

You’re a phenomenal woman Lisa. It takes a lot of courage to step up and say all that you say and expose your beauty in every manner. Even with your shaved head, your beauty shone through.

One of my mantras is: “Never stop fighting.” I mean for your voice in the world. Find your most authentic self. Be what you desire to be, instead of what others think you should be. Don’t stop this fight, life is an ongoing challenge. It’s all about love – internally and externally.

Source: Canadian Health & Lifestyle / Barbara Goodman

(Photos: Gabor Jurina)

Lisa Ray set to dazzle Toronto with Taj

If she wasn’t an actress, Lisa Ray tells Suhaag that she’d be a writer. But that will have to wait; there’s just too much to do for the Toronto based actress who’s mainly known in India for  her sexy turn as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s muse in the music video “Aafreen”. Already  well known for her advocacy  for cancer and stem cell medicine, Ray is also a business-owner. Her  Moksha Yoga studio opened  in Brampton recently.

Ray, who has been practising yoga for years says that, “I believe Moksha Yoga helped me become a ‘Cancer Graduate’. I believe in the practise for its healing aspects and overall benefits. In the Moksha community we say: calm mind, fit body, inspired life. I have two great partners: Paris and Annette and we have created a beautiful space for people to come in and experience the benefits. I have loved bringing Moksha Yoga to Brampton!”

Moksha’s mantra of ‘inspired life’ certainly parallels Ray’s most recent project Taj, a dramatic dance theatre production from Lata Pada’s Sampradaya Dance Company premiering at the Luminato Festival on June 10.

On the cusp of the world première of Taj at the Luminato Festival, Lisa Ray tells about her current project, and her future plans. (SU): After all that you have persevered through with regards to your health, what was it about a dance-theatre production that appealed to you to choose as your first acting project after treatment? And why Taj?

Lisa Ray (LR): This is an opportunity to translate one of the world’s most enduring love stories in the sacred space of the theatre- what’s not to love about this opportunity? Lata Pada is the extraordinary driving force behind this project and her passion was infectious. I’m working with Tom Diamond, Kabir Bedi, Kumudiniben: all luminaries in their fields. John Murrell- one of Canada’s foremost playwrights has written the script. And Luminato has commissioned the project. And working on stage is the most reliable way to ignite a performer’s creative juices. On top of everything- I get to work on my home turf. All the ingredients are there.

SU: What have been the most enjoyable and  challenging aspects about working on Taj?

LR: I look forward to getting up in the morning and showing up at rehearsals so much, I fear I’m having too much fun at times! Working with Tom and Kabir has been so stimulating. And retelling this epic story- from the perspective of an old man and his daughter, has been a profound experience. I play Jahanara, the eldest daughter of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. She gave up her life to look after her father after he was imprisoned by Aurangzeb his own son. It’s an epic tale which encompasses the depths of human feeling and emotion. The most challenging aspect? Commuting to Mississauga for rehearsals!

SU: What is it like to work with two great artists Kabir Bedi and Lata Pada?

LR: It’s an extraordinary opportunity to absorb and learn.

SU: Currently you are working on a dance theatre production, what have you learned from working on this kind of project?

LR: My role involves acting- we have talented dancers who are performing the dancing segments. I have thoroughly enjoyed this atmosphere of collaboration.

SU: After an audience watches Taj, what do you want them to take away after leaving the theatre?

LR: Tom Diamond, our director, shared a ‘word of the day’ with us the first day of rehearsal. The word is ‘creolise’. Broadly speaking it means, taking local and foreign elements and creating something new and exciting. That best describes what we are attempting with ‘Taj’ and in a way its the best word to describe Toronto!

SU: Do you have any plans to work on a project in Bollywood in the future?
LR: I recently completed work for a 6 part TLC series shot in India which goes on air  in July. So I have been working hard in India. It  is a great project and took four months to film. I’m open to the next phase of my career and waiting for a great film project.

SU: You have modeled, you’re an actress of great versatility, and now you’re a business-owner as well. What’s next for Lisa Ray?

LR: So many wonderful things on the boil. I will continue to challenge, stretch myself and also try to be of service. My advocacy for cancer and stem cell medicine is well known and I will continue to support a number of charitable efforts. Balance is important- I love my work, but I love my life as well. My relationships are what feed me.

(Source: / Safa Zaki)

(Photo: Sid Sawant)

Immortal love story told

Lata Pada is set to unveil her most ambitious creation yet.

Internationally acclaimed for promoting Indian dance both here and abroad, the Mississauga resident’s new piece, TAJ, presented by her troupe, Sampradaya Dance Creations, makes its world premiere this weekend as part of Toronto’s Luminato 2011.

Pada was born in India and is intimately familiar with the story behind the Taj Mahal, one of the architectural wonders of the world.

She came up with the concept for the piece.

“I was particularly drawn to the poignancy of Emperor Shah Jahan’s last days when imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb, especially as he gazes upon the Taj, an edifice built to honour his wife and now her final resting place,” said Pada, who founded Sampradaya Dance Creations in Mississauga more than 20 years ago.

The chronicling of political and familial strife, and the undying devotion of Emperor Shah Jahan to his wife, is as awe-inspiring as the monument itself.

In the script written by award-winning playwright John Murrell, the emperor engages in an impassioned dialogue with his devoted daughter, Jahanara, taking the audience on an emotional journey that explores the ruler’s life, the 17th-century Mughal empire and the universal themes of power, passion, love and loss – and the grandeur they inspired.

TAJ features Bollywood star Kabir Bedi (Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story, Octopussy, Sandokan, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Canadian actor Lisa Ray (Bollywood/Hollywood, Water, Cooking With Stella). They’re backed up by an ensemble of dancers from the Greater Toronto Area, the United Kingdom and India.

Pada, who lives in Erin Mills, has had an extensive career as a bharatanatyam soloist with performances in prestigious dance festivals worldwide. She was conferred the Order of Canada in 2009, and holds the distinction of being the first South Asian artist to receive this award. In January, she received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award – India’s highest honour for overseas Indians.

TAJ takes place at Harbourfront Centre’s Fleck Dance Theatre, located at 207 Queen’s Quay W.

Show times are Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $51.50 to $71.50.

Call 416-368-4849 or visit

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(Photo: Sid Sawant)

How To Wear Shapewear – Simple Tips For Everyone

As a woman who values appearance, you may be upset when clothes hang off the body in unflattering ways and don’t cater to one’s personal needs.

Do you have love handles? Do they make you feel self-conscious and make you want to hide them?

There are many ways to hide these problematic areas. What is the best shapewear for muffin top? It’s the perfect solution! It will improve the fit and comfort of your garments and offer you a smoother shape. Different styles can help create this desired effect.

So, today we’re going to discuss how to wear shapewear for love handles. Check some helpful tips below to find out the suitable shapewear for yourself!

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How To Pick Shapewear For The Occasion

The first thing to do when choosing shapewear is to determine the tone of your outfit. Shapewear will stay underneath your outfit, think about what you’ll be wearing on top. Then, pick a tone that complements it well. If you skip this step, you might get embarrassed at parties while your undergarments are showing themselves out.

Next, what kind of style are you targeting? Are you seeking gentle smoothing or powerful sculpting curves? If you’re looking for the former style, choose shapewear with higher compression. This garment can draw attention to your best features, accentuating your waistline and minimizing hips well.

Besides, Shapewear for occasions varies based on personal preference. Oftentimes, people use silk, lace, organza, satin, or cotton for occasions. Depending on the type or the thickness of the fabric, you have to choose different shapewear types.

If you’re showing up at the party in light or thin fabric, choose seamless shapewear or those that can hide those panty lines.

What if you need to keep cool? Pick shapewear with materials that have some ventilation properties. In case you’re participating in physical activities or exercise plans, you should wear more sweat-inducing clothing.

The Right Shapewear For Your Natural Shape

Shapewear is a stylish and comfy product worn by men and women from all heights. You can select and tailor the shape.

It’s essential to understand one’s natural body type to know how best to enhance that. The best shapewear for ones will depend on two things: a balance of top and bottom curves as well as a smooth foundation under clothes.

Such balancing is crucial for most women. To generate curves, many women should add some shapewear to their wardrobe.

The right shapewear will enhance your natural shape. Still, please try to stay away from the corsets with a tight midsection.

If you have a curvy bottom and small bust, aim for bodices with a cup size higher. In the opposite case with an exact proportion of both curves, stay with your regular cup size.

Also, a woman’s bone structure is a significant influence on how her body type will look.

For example, if you stand up straight with your shoulders back, you’ll have more of an oval-shaped chest. This creates the illusion of a curvy waistline even if it’s not there.

This trick won’t work for women with square bone structures or small protruding bones. So, they need the right shapewear to create the desired silhouette.

The most critical criterion is waist-to-breast length if you need more lifting and shaping than smoothing and controlling. For those who need more support up top and more coverage, choose garments that are open-bust and with straps that you can adjust for a tailored fit.

A padded shaper or open-bottom may produce instant curves. Whereas a complete compression bodysuit or mid-thigh shaper may assist you in keeping it all in check.

Furthermore, for longer-lasting effects, practice being aware of your posture at all times and exercising to enhance it.

Anti cellulite leggings before and after – Best Choices For Casual Shapewear To Hide Love Handles.

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It’s no wonder that ladies are looking for new ways to get rid of their cellulite and love handles.

The best way might be wearing anti-cellulite leggings to shape your figure and stimulate blood flow.

These leggings come in various materials, from sheer leg sleeves, gaiter-top slimming pants, to long-leg shaping footies.

You can find them in most high-quality lingerie stores. They are excellent value for cost, typically costing about $40-$60, depending on the style.

Hence, you can have the best comfort by choosing the proper length and fabric.

How To Properly Choose And Wear A Waist Trainer Under Clothes

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If you want instant results without putting much work into dieting or exercising, waist trainers are ideal.

People design them so they will be invisible when we wear them under clothing. They come in a range of styles, from traditional to modern shapes. Consumers also get to choose from various sizes for different body types.

Most waist trainers compress the midsection only, not the entire stomach area. Those that compress the entire stomach can cause discomfort or pain when sitting or bending over.

People usually start at a circumference of 41 inches, so your waist trainer should fit without adjusting the straps.

Yet, please consider going up one size from the indicated size on the sizing chart if you have a wider natural girth.

Remember, a workout band is not the same as a regular waist trainer. If you wear light colors with a thin top, it may show through.

That’s why several designs are available in nude and black, with more torso coverage, to keep your personal secret hidden.

Generally, if you want to practice waist training regularly, your clothing must follow suit.


We’ve given you some tips in this post on shapewear, and where it works best based on the sort of clothing you’ll be wearing.

Hopefully, you found it informative and will choose the finest shapewear for your love handles! Also, don’t forget to share this post with anyone who might need help finding their perfect shapewear match.