How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner?

In the world of store-bought clothes taking dominance, sewing skills seem to be underestimated. But imagine that you can mend your clothes, or you can sew outfits for your loved ones. Well, that is such an amazing and meaningful thing to think about.

But before you can do such professional things, you probably need to know what is the sewing machine for beginners and go through tutorial lessons on building sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginner. Admittedly, there will be some mistakes on the journey.

But no worries yet, as here we are with all the things you need to know about how to begin learning sewing.

How To Build Sewing Skills If You’re An Absolute Beginner

Defining Your Final Goal

The very first step in developing sewing skills is setting a specific goal. Whatever we do in our lives, we all need a goal to shape the path we have to go through. Learning how to sew is not an exception.

In sewing, there are several goals to achieve. Some people need to learn how to make clothes for their family members. Others want to learn sewing to complete DIY projects around the house. Some may want to create tailored clothes for the perfect fit with body shape. Etc.

Once you understand how far you want your sewing skills to develop, a plan must be there to make sure you reach the goal. As each sewing project entails specific mastery in different techniques, the ability to handle different materials, and an understanding of specific tools, you should not start the journey with a sophisticated project.

Instead, defining a specific and simple project you want to accomplish and looking at which skills you need to learn is necessary in the first sewing phase.

Choose Your First Project To Kickstart

Once you define where the final destination is, choose a project wisely to guild you there. At the beginner level, a simple project consisting of easy cuts and straight lines may be the best for an absolute beginner.

For instance, kickstarting a project by sewing a pillowcase or cushion cover is ideal for any beginner as this small project has a lot of simple techniques that you can learn.

Sewing Cushion Cover Is Ideal For Beginner

The latter projects you choose should bring about more new methods to your skill set than the previous ones. In other words, you need to move to projects that require more skills over time. For example, after mastering all simple techniques, you can jump right into the higher level, such as sewing a collar, sewing pleats, adding buttons and zippers, etc.

With that in mind, your ability is built up gradually. Moreover, you can involve yourself in making the same items several times to achieve mastery in each method.

Prepare Must-have Sewing Tools

If you are at the entry-level of sewing, the following items are vital. Let’s take a look.

First of all, one thing you can not miss is a fabric scissor for cutting fabric only because when you use the scissor with other materials, such as paper and leather, it will become dull quickly.

Furthermore, you also need measuring tape to take accurate measurements. Other tools include steam iron, ironing board, needles, threads, pins, pin cushion, fabric pen, or chalk.

A Sewing Kit

Mistakes Are OK

When you learn anything, mistakes are always there. Instead of blaming yourself for the mistakes you made, take a deep breath, and accept them as a part of the learning process.

In case you want to check if you are on the right track, you can turn to the following sources. They are youtube videos, websites, blogs, experienced individuals, online meetings, clubs, workshops, etc.

Depending on your budget and your leisure time, you can flexibly choose what methods are the best fit for you.

Bear in mind that mistakes are inevitable, so learn from the mistakes and avoid making them twice. Moreover, you should find novel techniques that can work more efficiently when it comes to sewing skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that we have to spend hours of practice to reach a mastery level when learning new things and skills. Sewing, just like other hobbies, can develop gradually through regular practices.

Our advice is that you can include several items in one project. Firstly, you need to prepare pieces for all the items. Then, start with the first item until it finishes. Take a short break, then continue with other items in the project. Each project should include no more than ten items to avoid boredom from coming inside of you.

Then, you can give away all the items you made when they are beautiful. And do not forget to collect feedback from them to better yourself. You might also reclaim some giveaways to mend if you wish.

Be Fun

Remember that sewing is a hobby. And a hobby must be fun and entertaining.

So, you have to make sure that you are attracted to and focused on your end goal. Admittedly, when it comes to the first new sewing project, every beginner deals with discouragement and temptation.

To get through boredom, you can drag some of your friends into your new hobby or befriend new people who are fond of sewing. Besides, you can discuss projects with your friends to raise everyone’s spirits. To make everyone connected, a group on Facebook or any platform is necessary. I am sure that you can learn a lot from them.

And do not leave the Internet there as you can look up online for several ideas and inspiration. Some amazing tools to search for ideas are Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Be Fun When Sewing

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has provided you with informative advice on how to build sewing skills if you’re an absolute beginner.

Bear in mind that sewing is not a difficult or innate skill; just be prepared, be ready, and be consistent, then you surely reach your goal.

Thanks for reading!

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