Lisa Ray gets engaged

When and how did you meet your fiance Jason Dehni? When did you know he was the one?

Jason is a banking executive, philanthropist and sits on the board of many prestigious arts organisations in Toronto. He co-founded a charity called Artbound in association with the NGO Free the Children, which raises money to build schools and sustainable villages as well as arts facilities in regions, which are in need.

My friend, Canadian media personality Seamus O’ Regan, is the honorary chair of Artbound. After interviewing me one day for Canada AM, he suggested I get involved. Seamus, however, neglected to mention the co-founder was handsome, brilliant and full of integrity.

What are you and Jason looking forward to in the future?

I wrote in my blog: ‘Love is an action and we practise that every day’. He truly makes me a better person and inspires me. We will announce our wedding date shortly.

Right now, we’re reveling in our engagement and celebrating with friends. I miss my friends in India a lot. Hopefully, we will settle on a location for the wedding where all our friends from around the world can gather together.

How did your family react to your relationship?

My father adores Jason. Both our families got together this Christmas to celebrate as one. Jason’s family loves my dad. He has strong family values and that’s super important to me as well.

Your heart belongs to Jason, but your soul is in India. Do you hope to bring him here soon?

Believe it or not, Jason and I had planned a trip to India a few days after we met. He was with me during my promotions for a product. He saw five cities in India in two weeks and when he ventured with me to eat paranthas in Paranthewale Gully in Chandi Chowk, I realised he really is the one. He’s comfortable in all situations, loves India and is even open to spending more time in the country, given the right opportunity. Hopefully, we will make an extended trip together this year, though he is very busy with work at the moment.

Tell me about your career plans? Any films in the pipeline?

I am very excited to be the new host of Top Chef Canada, which is one of the highly rated and anticipated shows in Canada. Padma Laxmi hosts the American version. It was a new experience. Plus, I get to bring my own glamorous Indian-inspired flavour to mainstream audiences here. It releases on March 12. I am working on my book, looking at scripts and projects and developing some material I feel passionately about. I’m also working on my own beauty line. My philanthropic work is also a key element of life. I have lots to celebrate.

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